3D Printed Thunderbirds have landed on Launzer.com


The countdown of 10 days is now finally over and we are proud to announce the release of the world’s first official 3D Printed Thunderbirds collection on Launzer.com. The release is part of official 50th Year Anniversary Celebration of fabulous Thunderbirds, created by Gerry and Sylvia Andersson.

Scott, Alan and Virgil Tracy, The Hood and Parker are now available as collectable figurines in multicolour sandstone and in paintable white polyamide. From International Rescue’s fleet we are proud to offer Thunder 1, Thunder 2, Thunderbird 3 and Thunderbird 4, all in multicolour sandstone.

There will be exclusive and limited editions of Thunderbirds coming up closer to the official anniversary, 30th of September. So stay tuned and check the fabulous Thunderbirds on Launzer.com!

Read the full press release here

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