Kalevala Jewelry arrives on Launzer.com!

Today 3D Online Factory and renowned Finnish Jewelry manufacturer Kalevala Jewelry have released a selection of 3D printable jewels on 3DOF’s 3D printing marketplace Launzer.com! Read the full press release here (Or  in Finnish).

Launzer offers consumers the opportunity to order Kalevala Jewelry in totally new materials and colors thanks to 3D printing! Each order is made on-demand and thus consumers can decide for example to choose the jewel in their favorite color.

Here’s what 3D Online Factory’s CEO Kari Voutila had to say about the partnership: “We are especially happy about this collaboration and of the open-minded approach that Kalevala Jewelry has taken to 3D printing”, comments Kari Voutila. “The way Kalevala Jewelry is bringing their classic designs to Launzer is a great realization of the opportunities in 3D printing, where commonly jewels manufactured in metal can experience a new life in new colors and materials.”

Terja Pelkonen also offered a little perspective on Kalevala’s position on the new venture:

We have always been at the forefront of productional jewelry manufacturing by developing and utilizing unique manufacturing methods such as nanotechnology, computer aided ring design and 3D printing as part of our jewelry manufacturing for over 15 years – without forgetting our Finnish handcraft know-how, which we have successfully combined with cutting-edge technology as a functioning ensemble”, tells Kalevala Jewelry’s director of manufacturing Terja Pelkonen.

“The Finnish Launzer.com is keeping up with currently rapidly developing consumer trends. We also want to follow these changes to look ahead in to the future, so a collaboration with innovative 3D experts is a natural way for us to act. Wearing a jewel is cheerful and playful, with the help of Launzer we are making wearing jewelry even more delightful”, states Terja Pelkonen.

Press inquiries are requested to be sent to kari[a]3donline.fi

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