Top Advisors join 3D Online Factory

Two top class advisors, one from the 3D printing industry and one from the Digital business world have joined 3D Online Factory’s Advisory Board.

Professor Jouni Partanen will bring in his expertise and networks in 3D printing. Jouni worked for over 12 years in the industry giant 3D Systems where he was responsible for advanced technology development. At the moment he is a professor of Mechanical Engineering conducting research in advanced technologies like 3D printing at Aalto University. He is also in charge of ADD Lab, Digital Design Laboratory of Aalto University.

One of the first real diginatives, Asmo Halinen, brings with him his expertise and networks from the Start up and Digital business -field. Asmo has made a remarkable career as an entrepreneur and as a top manager in gaming, media and digital companies like Apaja, Rovio, Saunalahti and Alma Media. He has been one the key management players in growing the top Finnish Digital services like and

”We warmly wish these two top advisors welcome to 3D Online Factory”, says Kari Voutila CEO and Founder of 3D Online Factory. ”Their expertise and networks that come along them are like pure gold to us.”

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