Launzer revealed and teaser page open!

And Launzer it shall be…

3D Online Factory has revealed the name, and opened a teaser web-page for its upcoming 3D printables marketplace! Be sure to sign-up for the upcoming beta there!

”We will offer a totally new way for brands to do merchandise business with their fans, says Kari Voutila, CEO & Founder of 3D Online Factory. Launzer is the launch pad for brands to launch their properties from digital into physical and vice versa. We will help our brand customers to do business more easily, more effectively and with full control. For the fans we offer a new way to express and enjoy their favorite brands”.

”Our current focus is in entertainment, game and media brands which conduct the majority of their business in the digital world, but which have distributed their merchandise through analog channels, until now… says Project Manager Eeppi Nieminen, in charge of customer relations. Brands like Dibidogs, Eyeworks Finland and Legendary Games among others have shared our passion and vision how merchandise will become digital as well.”

The beta phase of Launzer will begin later this year and the full commercial version will be ready in 2015. For more Launzer related news please sign-up at!

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